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colleen hurley, rd - about mecolleen hurley rd - about meI look at the whole self – from what you eat, where your food comes from, how you feel about yourself, your emotional well-being, daily schedule, food preferences, and current life demands; because if it doesn't wholly work for you within your lifestyle, it’s simply not going to work. We are all on our own journey towards wellness, and we each have our own unique wellness vision.

I am a Registered Dietitian, Certified Kid's Nutrition Specialist, and a Master Gardener.  I spent the last 15 years on a journey learning all about the critical role of food in overall wellness, from both a modern-medicine and a holistic, naturopathic perspective.  This unique balance of training in “East Meets West” has provided me with a variety of tools with which to help others.

Growing up in Chicago, I was a Midwestern meat and potato-er; but with one mean summer garden. I now live in California’s Bay Area and I’ve seen many lifestyle extremes. Personally, I find myself somewhere in the middle: appreciating the value of a down home barbeque as well as the amazing offerings of California’s agriculture – particularly the fermented grapes.

Changing the way I ate literally changed my life and my own struggles towards wellness have made me both a better person and a better healthcare provider. My experience, first as a patient, then a student, and now as a practioner has shown me that eastern and western medicine have a lot to teach each other. The lesson I learned best is that food, grown sustainably, prepared consciously, and enjoyed wholeheartedly can be the best medicine (along with a good hearty laugh) – particularly when balanced with just enough physical activity.

We often view lifestyle changes as an insurmountable task, sure to include countless hours on a boring treadmill. This could not be further from the truth, but it was something I had to experience for myself to fully understand. It is simply a matter of shifting perspective, not the gears on the recumbent bike.

I love food, everything about it from growing, to cooking, to eating it, especially in the presence of good friends and family. I believe eating right means understanding how you live and adapting your eating habits to your lifestyle.  Being healthy means forging a path to wellness by embracing our good habits and modifying behaviors that can create obstacles on our road to wellness.

Currently I provide corporate wellness consulting to Fortune 500 companies throughout the Bay Area, conduct individual client consultations, blog for Mum Mum’s, am a professional copywriter, and consult for food companies and brokers who want to provide nutritionally and environmentally sound products.
When not doing any of the above, I can be found meal planning, at the Farmer’s Market, cooking, hiking, dancing, trying the newest exercise craze, or checking out those off-the-beaten-path wineries.


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